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Greenman Soap 100g - Manly Man

Greenman Soap 100g - Manly Man

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Manly Man pure, Natural & Aromatic.. this soap is SLS and parabens free, made with botanicals and essential oil and is highly fragranced.

Crafted in England, the land of Soap and Glory.. 

Inspired by the ancient Celtic myth of the Greenman: natural, earthy and vibrant - thus was born from the mists of the forest this handcrafted range of cold-processed elemental soaps.

Using only sustainable palm oil, age-old botanicals, pure aromatic oils and the finest perfume oils this mythical soap will transform your daily wash into a cleansing ritual to be savoured. And it is also certified free from SLS and Parabens. 

* SLS & Parabens free 

* Handcrafted in England 

* With aromatic oils and botanicals 

Natural artisan soap.

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